General Information about Gallery

Exist from 1996 year. During this time Gallery become popular center of contemporary art, that famous and authoritative outside of Kharkov and Ukraine.
Kharkov City Art Gallery - one of the first Ukrainian gallery, that have municipal status. Founded in late 1996. Since 1997 a member of the Association of Art Galleries of Ukraine.
At the disposal of the gallery main permanent exhibition hall (total exhibition area - 100 sq. m.), and underground area ARTbasemant(140 sq. m.)
Gallery team - 5 permanent employees and volunteers.
Director: Tatiana Tumasyan.
Main objective of Gallery - popularization of modern art, first of all, works of Kharkov and Ukrainian artists.
Long-term program of the gallery, aimed at achieving this objective - "Kharkov - Art," "Masters", "Our Heritage", "Contemporary foreign art", "Russian Palette", "From the private and museum collections," "New Names", " Experimental Studio "," Youth branch. "
The main range of gallery authors includes famous artists of Kharkov, the leading masters of modern Ukrainian art - members of prestigious national and international exhibitions, that working in painting, drawing, sculpture, art photography, art design, new media and other techniques.
Among them:
Graphic artists - Pavel Makov, Natalya Mironenko (Honored Artist of Ukraine), Elena Kudinova, Oleg Veklenko (Honored Artist of Ukraine);
Painter - Sergei Alimov, Vasily Antoniuk, Tagui Barseghyan, Alexei Borisov, Alexander Vlasenko, Victor Gontarev (National Artist of Ukraine), Stanislav Gedzevich, Andrew Gladkiy, Dmitry Danysz, Alex Esyunin, Mikhail Zhukov, Irina Ilyinskaya, Konstantin Kolobov, Vitaly Kulikov, Elena Lesnichaya, Eugene Morgulyan, Vachagan Norazyan, Viktor Sidorenko (National Artist of Ukraine), Vitaly Smakhtin, Edward Yashin;
Designers - Vladimir Bondarenko, Yuri Ryntovt;
Sculptors - Anna Ivanova, Vladimir Kochmar, Alexander Kovalev, Alexander Ridny (Honored. Artist of Ukraine), Sergey Sbitnev;
Ceramists - Yuri Nikitenko, Jeanette Solovyova,
Photographers - Sergei Bratkov, Vladimir Bysov,Oleg Malevany, Evgeny Pavlov, Sergey Solonsky, Alexander Suprun, etc.

During its existence the gallery has become a popular center for contemporary art, well-known and respected outside of Kharkov and Ukraine. In an active of the gallery: more than 500 exhibitions, curatorial projects and art actions, whether on gallery area and on the road, a number of solo exhibitions of artists and copyright of projects in Kharkov, Kiev, Odessa, Poltava, Simferopol, Lviv, Moscow, Nalchik, Penza, Arkhangelsk, Yerevan, Tashkent, Warsaw, Vienna, Vilnius, London, Paris, Nuremberg, Cincinnati, Poznan, Syufolka, more than 50 group exhibitions of foreign artists from Austria, Britain, Germany, France, USA, Iran, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Israel , Armenia, Uzbekistan, Serbia.

New exhibition in the galleries - every 2 weeks.
In addition to exhibitions, at the gallery was more than 200 cultural actions: performances, concerts and chamber music performances, literary evenings, lectures, master classes, designer fashion shows, etc.
Tradition was the annual Children's Art Festival "The World without dark colors" (1997-2006, (from the III Children's Festival, in 1999, his program included foreign participants), the Festival of Contemporary Art "ART AT THE TURN OF THE CENTURY," the only country in the Youth Festival project "NON STOP MEDIA" (2003, 2004, 2006, 2008, 2010,2012), every three years - the International Sculpture Symposium.

Twice gallery became the winner of the International Art Festival (Kiev, 1997, 1998.) And the prizes awarded by professional "Golden Section -97" and "The Golden Section -98" in the "Gallery of the year."
Participated in the World Gallery Online exhibition "Expo-2000" (Hanover, Germany, 20-30.HI.2000)
Two art projects on display Kharkiv Region (National Pavilion of Ukraine).

As a result of the rating of the Association of Art Galleries Art Ukraine 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006-2007 Kharkiv City Gallery is constantly among the top five leading galleries and exhibition centers in the country.

main exit action gallery:
2010 two projects of winners of the festival "NON STOP Media-V", Alina Kleitman, "The girls conceived bad" and Taras Kamennoy, "Good uncle millitsionery" at the "Actual week of Art", Lviv, Ukraine.
2010 Project "Preservation of History" winners of the festival "NON STOP Media-V", at the "Balaklava Odyssey", the museum Sheremetievs, Sevastopol.
2010 Exhibition of visual projects of youth-finalists of the festival NON STOP Media-V, ErmilovCenter, Kharkov
2010 Exhibition Vitaly Kulikov and author of a monographic presentation of the album, Exhibition Hall of the Institute of Contemporary Art of the National Academy of Arts, Kiev, catalog-album.
2009 The project "24 hours on a stool," festival "Week of actual art", Lviv, Ukraine.
2009 The social project of Swedish and Ukrainian authors GOGOLFEST, "Arsenal", Kiev, Ukraine, catalog.
2009 Vitaly Kulikov "SPIRITUS LOCI": landscape painting, "I Gallery" Pavel Gudimov, Kiev directory.
2009 Project "Incompatible compatibility", Literature Museum, Kharkov.
2008 Project "Laboratory of Ukrainian image", III International Festival of Photography "Kievfotokom", Kyiv.
2008 "Other capital - Kharkov new picture," St. Petersburg, Russia, National Center of Photography ROSPHOTO, booklet.
2008 Exhibition of winners and nominees of the youth festival projects, "NON STOP Media", Poznan, Poland, the booklet.
2008 Project "People and idols" in the "Cartels curators' GogolFest," Arsenal ", Kiev, catalog, booklet.
2008 Project "Playing with time": Sculptural Objects A.Ridnogo, A. Ivanov, CCA "Soviart", Kiev, booklet.
2007 Ukrainian-Swedish photo project "Urban Structure" in the international program "SWIZhe" HMG-Kharkiv-Kyiv CSI, "Dziga", Lviv, photo-museum-Syundsvalle Sweden booklet.
2007 Campaign "Day of Kharkov": a master class designer Yuriya Ryntovta, poetic performance UkrSuchLita, Sergey Babkin in the International Competition for the Visual Arts "Eidos", Art Arsenal Kyiv, booklet.
2007 Project "Berezneva mayachnya." Alexander Ridniy, Anna Ivanova, gallery "Triptach", Kiev.
2006 Exhibition of Young Kharkov Photographers, Poznan, Poland.
2006 Solo exhibition, E. Yashin "Stealing memories," gallery "Triptach", Kiev.
2006 Personal exhibition Norazyan B. "Playing with the figure of" gallery "Art Blues", Kiev.
2005 Solo Exhibition V. Norazyan "Ridiculous Journey", Gallery "Art Blues", Kiev.
2005 Project "Sweethearts. Before and after" / Curator: B. Mikhailov, Authors: N. Ridny, B. Logacheva, the Biennale of Contemporary Art "Novi spryamuvannya", Kiev.
2004 "Kharkiv Photo" Gallery "Arsenal", Poznan, Poland, the catalog.
2004 "Capital Express. Kharkiv, Kiev - without stopping the movement": The exhibition program of the seven projects
and shares, Center for Contemporary Art "Soviart" Kiev, booklet, newsletter.
2003 "by William Faulkner. From words to images": Exhibition of works by European and American artists dedicated to the works W. Faulkner, "Folknerovsky Festival" Gallery "Bryant Galleries", New Orleans, USA, the booklet.
2003 "The art of contemporary artists of Ukraine and Poland", Cornell University, the gallery "Upstairs", Ithaca, NY, USA.
2002 Solo exhibition of E. Morgulyan "Harlequin", gallery "Das EinHorn", Haldensliben, Germany.
2002 "Exhibition of Ukrainian Artists' Union of Artists Exhibition Hall, Tyumen, Russia, the booklet.
2002 Festival of Contemporary Art "KonsumentArt", Nuremberg, Germany, catalog.
2002 Projects "Dream Network / Net of Dream" and "Twin Story", the festival project "Initiative-02", Kiev, Ukraine, the festival catalog.
2002 Festival of Contemporary Art "Cultural Heroes", Kharkov - Kiev, the festival catalog.
2002 Exhibition "Mirror Stream" design project "Moidodyr", Kiev, catalog, booklet.
2001 The "Neutral Strip: The Art of marginal areas", II International Art Festival, Magdeburg, Germany, the festival catalog.
2001 International project "Bridge" (Germany-Poland-Ukraine), Gallery "Arsenal", Poznan, Poland.
2001 The "Maybe" (MB), the International Festival of the projects' initiative - 01 ", Kiev, the festival catalog.
2000 Exhibition of art of the "World without dark colors" and "Ecology without Borders" in the exposition of Ukraine at the International Forum "Expo-2000", Hannover, Germany, catalog.
2000 The "Collection", I International Art Festival "Nature Art", Magdeburg, Germany, catalog of the festival.
2000 "Royal Project", Gala Gallery, Magdeburg, Germany;
1999 The "game", IV International Art Festival, Exhibition Centre "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine, the festival catalog.
1999 "Three weeks old capital", Centre for Contemporary Art "Soviart", Kiev, Ukraine, the booklet.
1998 Project "Megalomania", a prize at the III International Festival of Art, Exhibition Centre "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine, the festival catalog.
1997 The "perfect landscape", a prize at the II International Festival of Art, Exhibition Centre "Ukrainian House", Kiev, Ukraine, the festival catalog.
1996 "Art Chronicle. Kharkov. The 80-90s", Central House of Artists, Kiev, catalog.

Gallery creates its own collection - a basis for future urban contemporary art collection.
Currently, the collection includes about 70 works: paintings, drawings, sculpture, prints, objects, pictures of famous authors and artists of Kharkov in Ukraine, Russia, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Israel, Germany, Poland, the United States.
In addition to the exhibition of one of the priorities of the gallery is informational. Gallery generated data bank on the visual arts of Kharkov, which includes the first information about art events and artists of the gallery.
Gallery is a co-founder of the magazine "Gallery" Art Galleries Association of Ukraine.
In 1997-1998, based on the author's picture emerged television program "Gallery of Modern
of art. "Publications of the gallery is regularly published in local and national press, magazines
"Kharkiv. What. Where. When", "Bill," "spirit level", "Art Online", "Gallery", "A. C." (Kiev), "Obrazotvorche Mistetstvo", "Ukrainske Mistetstvo", "Arts Council", (Moscow) and others
professional journals (1996 to 2007.).
In August 2001 the gallery has been prepared by the pilot number of the electronic magazine "The Edge of Art" (
Proceedings of the gallery and the opening of its first exhibitions were reflected on the partner site at:
Since 2003 the gallery has appeared on the personal page Artportale Association for Contemporary Art of Ukraine (, which is constantly updated and covers the most important projects and exhibitions.

In 2004, the 350th anniversary of the Kharkov gallery section prepared a presentation for CD "Kharkiv. Golden Pages", which is material to the gallery and its artists. In 2005 released a new version of the disk, extended and amended. In conjunction with the publishing house "coloring" the gallery launched a new book series "The beginning of the century", in which in 2005 released his first feature album "Perfect Landscape", dedicated to landscape painting famous artists of Kharkov, in 2006 - the album "Harmony plasticity" of the top 10 sculptors.

Gallery is a co-founder of the magazine "Gallery" Art Galleries Association of Ukraine. In 1997-1998, based on the author's picture emerged television program "Gallery of Modern Art" (Kharkov, Nick-TV). Publications of the gallery is regularly published in local and national press, magazines and other relevant publications (1996-2010 gg.).
Internships / workshops gallery staff:
2009 Seminar "Case Study", Donetsk, Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine;
2009 Workshop Development Fund for Contemporary Art "Eidos" for finilistov competition "Art in the a priori: Current History", Kiev;
2007 "Urban Structure", Gothenburg, Sweden;
2007, 2005 51 Visit to the Venice Biennale with a delegation of Ukrainian artists, curators
and art, Venice, Italy;
2005 Summer School of Management, Culture, Odessa, TSPMK, the Swiss Cultural Programme in Ukraine;
2005 51 Visit to the Venice Biennale with a delegation of Ukrainian artists, curators
and art, Venice, Italy;
2003 Seminar "Art Management" Foundation U.S. Arts and Culture in Central and Eastern Europe, Kharkov;
2002 Visit to the "Manifesto" (Frankfurt, Germany) and the "Documents" (Kassel, Germany) with a delegation of Ukrainian curators and art historians;
2001 "Culture-Contact in Austria", Vienna, Austria;
2001 program "Harmony" in the employees of cultural institutions in Kharkov, Cincinnati, USA;
2000 program of cultural exchanges with sister cities of Kharkov, Nuremberg, Germany;
1998 Program "Sabit", Washington, USA;
1997 program "Public Relations" in the delegation of municipal workers, Cincinnati,
Ohio, USA;
1994 Summer School on the formation of cultural policy and arts management, Warwick University, UK;
1993 program "Arts Link", conducted by the International Soros Foundation for artists and art managers in Eastern Europe - New York, Washington DC, Boston, South Dakota, USA.

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