Myroslav Wajda «House» installation, video, photo

Htlfrnjh ср, 03/28/2012 - 17:03

The gallery presents the project of Myroslav Wajda, a famous young artist from Lviv, the nominee of the first prize from PinchukArtCentre. Myroslav is a participant of personal and collective exhibitions, projects, Ukrainian and international. He works in the genres of performance, installation and land art. The project «House» is a parallel between the country and the society, a desire for independence, identity, for a better future. This is a search for own HOME. Myroslav Wajda reflects on the ability and desire of man to create a conditional comfort in temporality and transience of the modern world. The project covers the topic of balancing between hope and uncertainty. Five components of the project "House" reveal different aspects of this "balancing" as a country and different social groups and eventually individuals. "Glagolitic" is a three minute video which shows the search as identification, the desire of expression of a young girl who was born in the year of Ukraine's independent. "Aliens" raises the subject of refugees, travelers for a better future. 7 min video shot in a reservation for refugees in Transcarpathia. People from Iran, Iraq, Pakistan and so on, in search of a better life trying to get to Old Europe, who were detained in Ukraine. Here in the reservation they try to live their "usual" life, create a rather conventional "homeliness". The idea of standard comfort is extended in installations "House" and "Wheel". Overall, the project does not provide specific answers or leads to any action. However, it raises important issues for our country and for each individual.

Прибульці, відео
Дім, інсталяція
Місце, фото
Колесо, інсталяція
Колесо/фрагмент, інсталяція
Глаголиця, відео