KHARKIV MUNICIPAL GALLERY – is a platform for socio-cultural initiatives of artists, curators and cultural figures that has become an integral part of the Ukrainian art scene over the years of its existence. Kharkiv Municipal Gallery was created in 1996 and became the first gallery of municipal status in the country. The gallery mainly works with Ukrainian contemporary artists.

Since 2008, the gallery has opened “ART basement” — an additional exhibition space that showcases upcoming and experimental artists.

Municipal Gallery (MG) was one of the first Ukrainian galleries to start the process of popularization and institutionalization of contemporary art. MG was and still is a representative of the main trends and processes emerging in the Ukrainian art environment. Within its walls, the gallery combines exhibitions of traditional art mediums like painting, graphics, sculpture with new media and contemporary art projects, each show finds its own viewer. In addition, the gallery is a space for public, social and educational projects, a platform for communication and experiments, that actively promotes Ukrainian contemporary art and diversifies the cultural activity of Kharkiv residents.

Over the past 20 years, the gallery has undertaken a number of major international projects and collaborated with artists and galleries from Austria, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, the USA, Iran, Poland, Russia, Lithuania, Moldova, Israel, Armenia, Uzbekistan, Serbia, Slovakia, Namibia. There are hundreds of projects, promotions, exhibitions and festival programs in the gallery’s assets.

Artists of the gallery: Borys Kosarev (1897 – 1994), Vagrich Bakhchanyan (1938-2009), Borys Mykhailov, Vitalii Kulikov (1935-2015), Viktor Gontarov (1943—2009), Sergiy Bratkov, Pavlo Makov, Eduard Yashin, Oleksii Borysov, Olexander Ridnyi, Volodymyr Kochmar, Artem Volokitin, Roman Minin, Gamlet Zinkіvskyi and many others.

The Municipal Gallery is a free spirit space that supports initiatives in the field of contemporary art and culture. For many years the gallery has been one of the top art institutions in Ukraine.

Since 2003, every two years the Municipal Gallery has been hosting a large contemporary art festival for young artists — NonStopMedia. Festival with large-scale educational platform, workshopes, special projects, films, music and theater events. NonStopMedia festival is one of the most prominent projects of the gallery.

The gallery has two venues: the main space (100 sq m) and the ART basement (140 sq m). Exhibitions change every two weeks.


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2019 2 National Biennale of Young Art, Kharkiv, catalogue.

2019 “We were born to make Kafka come true”: exhibition-collage of Vagrich Bakhchanyan, Museum of Contemporary Art, Odesa.

2018 – 2003 NonStopMedia Young artist’s festival, 9 editions, catalogues.

2017-2018 “HA city. Kharkiv Avant-garde: Research project, NAMU, Kyiv, catalogue

2017 «The Song of the Stormy Petrel. Short Course»: side project at the V Biennale of Contemporary Art, Odesa.

2016 «Vagrich Bakhchanyan – artist of a word»: recreation project, Kharkiv, catalogue.

2015 The memorial «Save the Kulikov’s heritage», Kharkiv, catalogue

2015 International public space project «Understanding/Ponimanie», Kharkiv/Berlin, catalogue

2013 «Borys Mykhailov. UNRESPECTABLE»: retrospective exhibition + public platform with the participation of Victor Misiano, Elena Petrovskaya, Paul Wumbel, Alexander Rappaport, Kharkiv.

2012 «Presence of absence»: exhibition of Ukrainian and Lithuanian artists within the European project “Tandem”, Kharkiv/Ukraine, Kishinev/ the Republic of Moldova, Klaipėda/Lithuania, catalogue.

2011 «11.11.11» and «On the ground» projects, «Art-Kyiv Contemporary 2011», Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, catalogue.

2010 «Made in Kharkiv», international exhibition «Art-Kyiv Contemporary 2010», Mystetskyi Arsenal, Kyiv, catalogue.

2010 Presentation of the NonStopMedia projects at the The Week of Contemporary Art, Lviv,

2010 “Conservation of the history”, festival “ The Balaklava Odyssey ”, Sevastopil.

2010 Vitalii Kulikov’s exhibition and presentation of the monograph, Modern Art Research Institute, Kyiv, catalogue

NONSTOPMEDIA – Festival of youth projects, one of the pioneers in this field. Exists since 2003. NonStopMedia – is a series of diverse cultural events, the main purpose of the festival is the exhibition of young artists – nominees of the festival.

RESIDENCE EXCHANGE PROGRAM – gallery project, which is aimed at the dynamic multicultural development of young artists. It has been carried out since 2011.

The Night of Museums – international cultural event, organized by MG in Kharkiv

STREET-ART FEST – urban festival of street art

The Curatorial Training – educational platform for young curators. Was created in 2015.

2008 “Laboratory of Ukrainian Photography”, III International Festival of Photography “Kyivfotokom”, Kyiv, catalogue.

2008 “Another capital – new Kharkiv photography”, State Center for Photography RUSPHOTO, Saint Petersburg, booklet.

2008 “People and idols”, Curators’ Cartel, GogolFest, Kyiv, catalogue

2007 Ukrainian-Swedish photo project “Urban Strusture” within international project «SWIЖе», Kharkiv, Kyiv, Lviv, Sundsvall/Sweden