Grading of soul: in five chapters

Grading of soul: in five chapters

Grading of soul: in five chapters.

The project is held in the city Usti nad Labem, Czech Republic. The project’s purpose is to make contemporary art accessible through realisation of art and design works in public space, thematically defined international exhibitions, and international interdisciplinary conferences.

«Gardening of soul» works with the phenomenon of gardening in different cultures, and tries to make the city more attractive and develop local well-being through cultural activities. A total of 6 works will be made for public space, and 11 will be realized at international exhibitions.

The Municipal Gallery also takes part in the project, together with the “Garage 127” gallery we present Ukrainian artists. Sasha Kurmaz was presented at the first part of the project, “GARDENING OF SOUL: INTRODUCTION”. Olya Fedorova will also take part in the residence hall in the fall.